Electric Vehicles

Buy a used car and get a
3 year Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for

  • Three years mechanical breakdown insurance including battery
  • Suitable for New Zealand certified charging cable
  • User manual in English
  • English dashboard and stereo
  • Fast charger registration
*T&Cs apply, some models are excluded from this offer

What's in a MIG EV?


English Stereo & Dash which shows the distance remaining and the estimated charge time required to full charge.

Battery Capacity

The Nissan Leaf is available with either a 30kw, 40kw, or 60kw battery. The Battery states the SOC (State of Charge) & the SOH (State of Health).


NZ certified charging cable, suitable for use in NZ

Electric Motor

The Nissan Leaf 40kw produces 110kw (148hp), which is like the power of a 2012 BMW 318D. The Nissan Leaf 30kw produces 80kw (110hp), which is like the power of a 2019 BMW 116D.

Finance and warranties

Whether it’s your first car, an upgrade or your dream ride, you’ll be together for a while so let’s do it right. We can help you get the loan you need with repayments you feel comfortable with, so you can borrow smart.

All our cars come with a 36 month mechanical breakdown insurance to protect you from unforeseen expenses.

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